When is a game done?

“Did you finish that game?” A tricky question. It can be as easy to answer as “Did you finish that show?” and as hard as “Did you finish having fun in life?” This would not be a complicated question for linear media, such as movies, TV, and books. Games, however, are often non-linear (if they... Continue Reading →

Beat Your Backlog: Cut Your Losses

Previously in our Beat your Backlog series, we explored why more and more gamers have vast collections that they can never hope to play through, and how this abundance of choice can place a lot stress on people and make gaming less a fun and relaxing activity, and more of well, a chore. Counter-intuitively, having... Continue Reading →

Can we have too much of a fun thing?

The year was 1909 and, responding to demands from his salesforce for increased model variety, Henry Ford announced, "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black." Yet despite the massive success of the black Model T, by the end of its lifetime, 18 years later,... Continue Reading →

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